Types and characteristics of glass dildos?How to use different types of glass dildos?

Features of glass dildos

Features of glass dildos

Glass Dildo is a transparent sex toy, which is made of glass. It can be used equally in both anal and Vagina. Because glass dildo is delicate material like dildo vibe it is not often like a vibrating function or strap-on dildo, double dong like shape. Glass Dildo gives a tough experience. People who are beginner, they do not use it. But some people want to add more sensation when they get bored with ordinary toys.

They are regularly tries silicone and jelly dildos and tired from this. So you should use glass dildo for gaining extra sensual stimulation. It works wonder after penetrate anal and vagina. It gives more sensation and creates friction in anal and vagina. It is smoothly insert and touched with vaginal wall after this creates friction inside. You should use a glass dildo to take sex pleasure and orgasm.

Under which you will feel more sensation in the vagina. Metal dildo and glass dildo are used as a hard dildo.Both are tough dildos and give more friction during insertion in vagina and anal also. In glass dildo which also came with dotted dildo. Dotted glass dildo is produce stimulation while penetrates inward and outward. You can also choose from various kinds of glass dildo online, and you can compare it with other material dildos like metal dildo, wood dildo, .

Types of glass dildos

Types of glass dildos

Now we are going to tell you about types of glass dildos, that you can use to get different kinds of pleasure or experience. Let's know about these dildos:

Wand glass dildo:

Wand glass is better for beginners. It hardly inserts into vagina that offers pleasurable pain. It can use for vaginal sex and anal sex. Wand glass may be increased your sexual arousal. It is enough for sexual temptation.

Full tip glass dildo:

Full tip glass dildo creates more friction in vagina. Its top head is enough to give more excitement. These toys can be easily cleaned. Its top portion is weighted and farther of the dildo is thinner.

Realistic head glass dildo:

It easily penetrates into vagina or anal, which gives pleasure without any pain.

Glass dildo with anal beads:

It is commonly used in anal. But in which raised dotted parts found. This dildo also usable for vaginal sex. It also produce friction by repeatedly penetrates.

Nubby type dildo:

It is simply designed with many textures on whole dildo. It is available in many fragrances and flavors of fruits. The nubby dildo is completely covered by dotted by which helps it gives more stimulation.

Using glass dildos, notes and techniques

Using glass dildos, notes and techniques

Such huge dildo looks very exciting and erotic. It is very hard and do not give pleasure in easy way. Some of the people do not know that, how to insert of glass dildo and what is the proper way? Glass dildo is very hard dildo while insertion. Firstly you should take dildo and start insert slowly. After inserting you pull up dildo to outside and again insert. By doing so, you raise your speed and leave dildo in vagina for sometimes. Then you will found more sexual arousal and sensation. It will give best dildo sexual pleasure when you use it properly.

By the way, glass dildo is very smooth. But it can be a bit distracting for the first time use. There are sever always to use it as well as to take sex pleasure. You can also use lubricant with glass dildo. The lubricant is placed over vagina and anal. But you should use natural lubricant and water based lubricant. Because of some lubricants are very harmful for genitals. You should use glass dildo with different manner. While using this dildo, you have believed on it. You may be earned double sex pleasure while putting repeatedly. It is useful for masturbation also. Glass dildo will boost your confidence and will give you newly happiness.

G-Spot which can gives immense pleasure. With the help of glass dildo can rub on vagina and anal also. Dildo should be rubbing on the upper part of the sex organs before putting them. Anal beads glass dildo is useful for increase your sexual intention. You should try with their partner for gaining extra sensual stimulation with strongly pushed and penetrated in depth.