What are the anal dildos and the types of anal dildos? Things that you should know while using anal dildo?

What are the anal dildos?

What are the anal dildos?

Anal dildo are those sex toys which only design for anal stimulation and anal pleasure. People cannot use anal dildo sex toys for the vaginal sexual activities and pleasure because these are different from the vaginal sex toys. These are not very long in comparison to the vaginal toys these are short as per the anal hole. These are the basic difference between the vaginal sex toys and anal toys.

These are made with lots different types of materials like the silicone, plastic, jelly and rubber sometime. silicone dildos are very popular among all these verities of dildos because they are very soft and smooth. These anal toys are providing pleasure to the anal and complete all the sexual desire of the anal penetration. These anal sex toys mostly design for both uses man and women. People can use these toys during solo anal masturbation and with their partners. Some of the vaginal toys and specially dildos are versatile you can use those types of dildos for anal and vaginal both pleasure and stimulation.

Types of anal dildos?

Types of anal dildos?

Prostate anal vibrator anal toy- Prostate massager and anal toy specially design for anal stimulation. Prostate massager is a male anal masturbation sex toy. This anal dildo vibrator stimulates the anal prostate gland and p-spot of men and stimulates them. Some prostate toys and massagers are developed so that you can easily get the orgasm, non-ejaculatory orgasm, prostate orgasm and it also lead to super ‘O’. Men can also get prostate massager into vibrating or non-vibrating form so that you can easily stimulates your anal with your choice. You can easily get this dildo online.

Butt plug

Vibrating butt plug or anal vibrators are design to stay inside the anal and constantly provide massage to the glands with the vibrations. The best thing about the butt plugs are they comes with flared based at the end of this toy so that you can easily stimulates yourself without any attention and discomfort.

Glass dildo

Glass dildo are design and made with glass. And these are available in different types of design also. People are also wanting the metal-dildo because these are also highly pleasurable.


Strap-on are made for both purpose. Vaginal and anal these are comes with straps and the toys are mostly removable so you can remove vaginal toys and then insert the anal toys.


Double-dong are also very popular among the lesbian women, this is double sided dildo are made for double penetration. These are looks like huge-dildo

Things which you know about anal dildos?

Things which you know about anal dildos?

The most important thing in whole anal play that you have to know about the lubricant very well and you have to also know that which type of lubricant you have to choose which type of sex toys. Like if you are using silicone made anal dildo then you don’t have to choose the silicone based lubricant then you can apply water-based lubricant with an anal vibrator sex toy.

You can use water based lubricant with all type of anal dildo but you have to apply the anal lube it’s important because anal is not self-lubricated as like vagina. Next thing is clean yourself properly it also important otherwise you have to face the infection and irritation.