What is dildo toy? Types and characteristics of dildo, representative sex toys



Dildo is a sex toy that women use during masturbation. Dildo is the shape of the man's penis. It is a hand held product that is used to masturbation.But generally used to gaining sex pleasure by rubbing on clitoris. Sometime women use dildo to remove her loneliness when Dildois get entered in the girl’s vagina. It creates friction in her vagina when it penetrates. There is lots of excitement which is enough to erase the hunger of sex. Most of the women use dildo to stimulate her vagina.Dildo is used of insert into vagina but it also can be used for sucking purpose.

It stimulates clitoris and vagina well of the girl. It is self-hand-held technique. Many people uses dildo for pleasure and often take for sexual orientations.Dildo is designed for consuming sexual sensation. It is helpful that time for women do not have any option to gets more satisfaction by any device. That time she can take helpof dildo for masturbation. It is practice for self-satisfaction which is quite easy to use. Many dildos came as vibrator and silicone based. Vibrator dildo produces more sensation into the girl’s vagina after inserting. So we can say that dildo can give more sexual arousal in the vagina with playing.

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Type, size and material of dildo

Type, size and material of dildo

Many types of dildo are there. It is used for vaginal and anal penetration.Some types of dildo are describing below:

G-spot dildo

It gives thrilling and exciting pleasure on g-spot. It creates sensation and friction when it penetrates into vagina. G-spot dildo came in different varieties which gives more exciting sexual arousal.

Vibrating dildo

Many dildos came for vaginal penetration. The head of vibrating dildo impels anal and vagina. It gets great pleasure when vibrating dildo enters into anus. Unusual sensation is created as soon as vibrating dildo gets intoanus.

Suction cup dildo

It is knows as hands free dildo. Suction cup dildo is affixed on floor or wall. It offers an experience of male partner where women do not need to use their hands. Females may easily bounce upwards and downwards over this dildo. Suction Cup Dildo is enough to increase sexual stimulation of females.

Double ended dildo

Other name is double dong toy, Females may insert this dildo on her vagina and anal at the same time. Female partnersmay also enjoy sexual encounter with help of this dildo.

It is available in size such as penis is 5.16 inches and more than in length. Dildos came in small, medium, large and extra-large. Some dildos also came, that is not safe for beginners. Because some dildos are made with hard product, which also came in metal and glass, so metal and glass dildos are very hard product. So it is advisablethat do notuse these dildos if you are fresher.

Silicone dildoso is available in smooth texture and colors. Jelly dildo is available in many fruits fragrance. When you sucks dildo it works pleasurable. The metal and the glass dildos are very hard, so you should not try at firstly. For the beginners, Plastic, cyber skin and rubber dildos are safe. These are easily inert in vagina and anal also. Other popular shapes are belt type strap-on dildo, dildo vibe with vibration function, huge dildo type much larger than the standard size, and so on. Of course you can search all types online. I would like all dildo sex lover to pick the best dildo.

Using dildo, notes and techniques

Using dildo, notes and techniques

There are many types of dildos available, which are easily penetrated into the vagina and they are also used in the anal. Some of the dildos are not suitable for beginners. They should not use glass dildo at the first time as well as metal dildo. Apart from this, if someone has used it before, then they may be easily used. For beginners, silicone base dildos and jelly baseare suitable to use.These are help to finished to depression and control to blood pressure like that health issues. Before the use to dildo your body demands warm up. When you penetrate dildo in vagina so you should care about that, do not use lubricant on the top of dildos.

To get more sexual arousal, it is important to insert a deeplyin vagina. There are also many dotted dildos which give sensation and sexual arousal too. Their fun is only to push the dildos repeatedly. This is the only thing in the body and it also comes with a butt plug which keeps the simulation in the ass.